Greatest Truths

7. There is indeed absolute Truth, revealed by the Holy Trinity, that transcends all time and all circumstances. God loves us enough to tell us that Truth.

6. The spiritual realm is real, and more consequential than what you see in the natural. The war within it is real, and it is the cause of all our suffering.

5. Any meaning to existence can only be derived from relationship with God. There is a difference between knowing honey tastes sweet and tasting it.

4. God is sovereign over all, both the universe and humankind. We are totally dependent upon Him.

3. Everything the Holy Trinity does is to bring honor unto Himself.

2. The answer to every question that matters lies at the foot of the Cross. Your identity is found in Christ alone. It is your responsibility to seek Him to manifest that identity.

1. Christ Jesus is who He, and the Father, and the Holy Spirit, and the angels, and the prophets, and the apostles, and the disciples, and the witnesses, and the saints say He is.